About WTFs Next


You’re here because you want to know what all this ranting and raving is about.

This site exists as a space for me to voice my opinions, poke a little fun, make a joke here and there, and more often than not, shine the light of logic on some little thing I see in the world and challenge you to THINK about it.

You wont always agree with me, in fact, a lot of the time you’ll think I’m an ass for saying half the things I do. And I’m fine with that. I want people to voice their own opinions here, I welcome one and all. Just know this:

I will always allow the comments of anyone so long as they are well thought out and argued. Even if they disagree with mine.

Simple. If you post a comment that is cogent and intelligent? It’s in.

If you post some moronic piece of crap? I’ll delete it.

Don’t like it? Start your own damn site.

Why NOW?

Some of you out there know me IRL, and are thinking, “You’ve been writing down this crap for YEARS…in about a hundred different blogs…why change now?”. I blame tabloid magazines (and their ilk) and Balloon Boy and Jon (from Jon & Kate + Eight).


See…I was standing in the checkout line of my local mega-ultra-super-market, and I glance up and see either People magazine or one of it’s many clones, and on the cover is Jon Gosselin (from the TV show Jon & Kate…yadda yadda) with the tagline “Worst Father in America?”. I felt a rant coming on…but I held it in.

Then about a week later, we’re all transfixed by the live coverage of Falcon “Balloon Boy” Heene’s tragic flight aboard the family’s home made balloon. We all watched in horror as the craft we thought contained an innocent child drifted to earth and the emergency vehicles sped towards it. We all felt anger when we found it was a plot by an attention seeking dad.

And then I see reports on national television news that Richard Heene has now replaced Jon Gosselin as “Worst Dad in America”.

And I lost it.

We have news stories like this where a little girl was beaten to death by her parents and these two idiots are the focus of reports about bad parenting? This tabloid reality show not even real made for TV bullshit is what shocks our culture when REAL issues need our attention?


I just couldn’t take it anymore.

My RL friends hear me rant about garbage like this all the time, often followed by me saying, “WTF is next?”

So now we have a site devoted to it.