Black Privilege? GTFOH. Seriously?

February 20, 2017

Sometimes, when I see inane shit on the news, or in my news feed on social media, I simply jot it down and promise myself a deeper dive later. Such was the case with this bullshit. Seriously, “black privilege” is a thing that actual grown folks who have, one would assume, at least SOME education, actually talk about…it’s NOT just a piece by Charlamagne Tha God. Now, unlike discussions of…


MItch Albom singlehandedly gave a class in privilege

September 16, 2016

I like Mitch Albom, I really do. I enjoy his writing, and I love to hear his commentary on ESPN when he is a guest. Granted, we may not always agree, but, in the end, I can at least see where he’s coming from…and also why he might feel his opinion is right. I have never listened to an opinion of his and thought he was dead wrong. And then…


WTF of The Week: Philly cop admires Nazi’s, so Philly FOP Prez admires him

September 2, 2016

The level that police will go to defend their own is astounding. Now..before you go calling me a “cop-hater”, lets get a few things straight. I admire and respect the police. My next door neighbor is a cop. Guy across the street? Cop. Guy four doors down? Cop. My friends and neighbors. And I respect them and the job they do, knowing full well I couldn’t do it. Not convinced?…


Guy in Delaware gets racist flag stolen…trolls mad

July 11, 2015

GLASGOW, DE – New Castle County police are investigating the theft of a Confederate battle flag from outside a Glasgow home, where the words “[expletive] u racist” were found spray-painted on a boat at the property Wednesday. The case comes amid a turbulent national debate about the use of Confederate imagery and racial tension in the wake of the deadly South Carolina church shooting. -source Delaware Online Now, lets start…


I’m not an expert. I’m a blogger that likes to bitch.

July 10, 2015

I’m not an expert. I’m a blogger that likes to bitch. That’s right, I repeated my title as the first line of my blog post. Deal with it. The fact is, every little nugget of stupidity you find on this site is my OPINION. These aren’t peer reviewed facts. They are just an argument for what I personally feel. Nothing more. Nothing less. Where needed, I try and back what…


Pitcairn Island legalizes gay marriage

July 8, 2015

Tiny Pitcairn Island (actually four tiny islands), in the South Pacific has legalized gay marriage. Despite the fact that they have a population of only 48. Yup. 48 whole inhabitants. And according to Meralda Warren, a seventh generation resident (they are all purportedly descendents from the crew made famous in “Mutiny on The Bounty“), there was only one gay resident….a long time ago. No one asked for the law, but,…


WTF of The Week: Parents charged with neglect

July 4, 2015

I started this blog, waaaay back in the day, because of bullshit like this. Back then, while hearing of a child who had been abused to death by her parents, what do I notice as the headline leading the news? Discussions about who was worse at parenting, Jon Gosselin or Richard Heene. So, while real children the world over and truly suffering, we focus our attention on a reality tv…


Celebrate your Freedom with a read

July 3, 2015

Tomorrow, we, here in the US will celebrate our nationally recognized Independence Day. Amid the cookouts, fireworks, basking in the sun and laughing with friends and relatives, be sure to take a few moments and think about how GOOD you have it. Seriously. With all the recent strife here, the arguments about race and flags and who should be allowed to marry who and who should be allowed to have…


Pittsburgh Man Charged With Robbing Bank With a…vibrator

June 27, 2015

The more things change, the more they stay strange. A bomb squad blew up a briefcase and other suspicious items in a Pittsburgh man’s car Monday after he robbed a bank, police said. With a sex toy. Specifically, a vibrator. Aaron Stein, 35, faces a preliminary hearing June 25 in Allegheny County Magisterial District Court on nine felony counts including aggravated assault, robbery, threatening to use a weapon of mass…


WTF of The Week: I don’t give a sh!t what you WANT the Confederate Flag to mean

June 25, 2015

Since the heinous crimes in Charleston last week, I’ve heard many people debating the Confederate Flag. First off, don’t send me any mail about how “it’s not called the Confederate Flag, its called the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia and blah blah blah”. I don’t CARE. If I say to 10 out of 10 Americans, “Confederate Flag”, the image they get in their heads it exactly what I’m talking about….