WTF of The Week: Philly cop admires Nazi’s, so Philly FOP Prez admires him

September 2, 2016

The level that police will go to defend their own is astounding. Now..before you go calling me a “cop-hater”, lets get a few things straight. I admire and respect the police. My next door neighbor is a cop. Guy across the street? Cop. Guy four doors down? Cop. My friends and neighbors. And I respect them and the job they do, knowing full well I couldn’t do it. Not convinced?…


Is Trump a bigot? Or just a bigot magnet?

August 29, 2016

Is Donald Trump a bigot? A racist? Neither? Both? The fact is, we don’t actually know. Nor can we, unless we know him in a personal sense. But, none of us actually does. Yes, his detractors can ALL point at some pretty bigoted and inflammatory stuff that has flown out of his mouth. But, his supporters can ALL dredge up just as many quotes that prove that Mr. Trump is…


Celebrate your Freedom with a read

July 3, 2015

Tomorrow, we, here in the US will celebrate our nationally recognized Independence Day. Amid the cookouts, fireworks, basking in the sun and laughing with friends and relatives, be sure to take a few moments and think about how GOOD you have it. Seriously. With all the recent strife here, the arguments about race and flags and who should be allowed to marry who and who should be allowed to have…


WTF of The Week: I don’t give a sh!t what you WANT the Confederate Flag to mean

June 25, 2015

Since the heinous crimes in Charleston last week, I’ve heard many people debating the Confederate Flag. First off, don’t send me any mail about how “it’s not called the Confederate Flag, its called the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia and blah blah blah”. I don’t CARE. If I say to 10 out of 10 Americans, “Confederate Flag”, the image they get in their heads it exactly what I’m talking about….


California GOP Assemblyman can’t multitask

June 21, 2015

Dumbass. If our kids get in trouble for having their cellphones out during class, why don’t our lawmakers? SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A Republican lawmaker accidentally cast his party’s first vote for the California budget in years because he was distracted by Facebook. Assemblyman Scott Wilk was the sole Republican to vote for California’s record $117.5 billion spending plan Monday. The Santa Clarita lawmaker later clarified he accidentally supported the…


While I agree…I’m also honest to a fault

Justice. or, That bitch ain't blind and shes got a damn sword.
June 10, 2015

While I agree that the punishment is both insane and archaic, and though we all…as outsiders…have every right to be appalled by it, as I have said before, its not like this is a NEW law or NEW punishment. A Saudi court has upheld a harsh sentence against a blogger for insulting Islam, drawing international condemnation and sparking a campaign on Twitter to draw attention to the case. Raif Badawi…


Woman tries to sell the sun

June 9, 2015

You might go to a notary to get a marriage license or a mortgage, but Maria Duran had another plan. She registered the sun in her name at her local notary in Vigo, Spain. Under the United Nation’s Outer Space Treaty, no country can claim ownership of the sun but Duran claims that there is no provision against humans doing so. The 54-year-old woman set up an eBay (EBAY) shop…


WTF of The Week: It’s not theft if I don’t believe in your laws

June 6, 2015

There are black people in America who claim that they are indigenous aboriginal people, descended from Moors who were here before European settlers and therefore immune to local and federal US laws. And they claim to be Moabite. Read that again, because I am not making this shit up. Let me break it down for you….lets follow the trail that leads to “belief” here. They are Moabites (i.e. from Moab,…


Pregnant Hands

June 3, 2015

So….someone on Twitter recently commented about what my “WTF of The Week” from back in December, entitled “ISIS Scorpion Bombs“. The Tweet said, and I quote: @WTFsNext What The F's Next Why #isis blindly obey their #extremist #imams? Read here: — Islam Revisited (@IslamRevisite12) May 23, 2015 Now….despite the fact that nowhere in my post did I mention asking why an extremist would obey their Imam…I did respond, as…


Anwar al-Awlaki dead. Good riddance.

September 30, 2011

Anwar al-Awlaki dead. I know, we’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, nor delight in death. And honestly, I’m not delighted. I’m not “happy” nor “glad”. I’m RELIEVED. Good riddance. He advocated making war against the innocent. Targeting civilians. Terrorism 101. And to any Muslim out there who mourns his death, you should be ashamed of yourself, and what monsters like al-Awlaki are doing to your religion. They…