WTF of The Week: Philly cop admires Nazi’s, so Philly FOP Prez admires him

September 2, 2016

The level that police will go to defend their own is astounding. Now..before you go calling me a “cop-hater”, lets get a few things straight. I admire and respect the police. My next door neighbor is a cop. Guy across the street? Cop. Guy four doors down? Cop. My friends and neighbors. And I respect them and the job they do, knowing full well I couldn’t do it. Not convinced?…


Guy in Delaware gets racist flag stolen…trolls mad

July 11, 2015

GLASGOW, DE – New Castle County police are investigating the theft of a Confederate battle flag from outside a Glasgow home, where the words “[expletive] u racist” were found spray-painted on a boat at the property Wednesday. The case comes amid a turbulent national debate about the use of Confederate imagery and racial tension in the wake of the deadly South Carolina church shooting. -source Delaware Online Now, lets start…


WTF of The Week: Parents charged with neglect

July 4, 2015

I started this blog, waaaay back in the day, because of bullshit like this. Back then, while hearing of a child who had been abused to death by her parents, what do I notice as the headline leading the news? Discussions about who was worse at parenting, Jon Gosselin or Richard Heene. So, while real children the world over and truly suffering, we focus our attention on a reality tv…


Stupid criminals are damn funny.

July 1, 2015

Sheriff’s office says break-in suspect left wallet behind A Lincoln County break-in suspect was startled by a homeowner in a wheelchair Monday, dropped his wallet as he ran from the property and was later arrested, sheriff’s investigators said. Joshua Ray Murphy, 25, of High Shoals, was charged with two felony counts of breaking and entering a building and one felony count each of larceny after breaking and entering, and possession…


Child molesters should either be put down or put away forever

June 29, 2015

Thats right. I said it. St. Louis man gets prison after flying to Denver to molest family A 62-year-old St. Louis man who flew to Denver intending to have sex with a woman and her two small daughters has been sentenced to more than 11 years in a federal prison. Darwin Gilbert Gowen also must serve 10 years on supervised release following his prison term, according to Jeffrey Dorschner, spokesman…


He’s fine, but he had a crappy day

June 19, 2015

“Physically, he’s fine but he had a crappy day” That’s an actual QUOTE from a rep for the Portland, OR police department. Thats just AWESOME. Smelly justice: Alleged masturbator trapped in overturned porta-potty PORTLAND, Ore., June 5 (UPI) — Police in Oregon said a homeless man allegedly masturbating in a portable toilet with the door open had to be rescued after witnesses reached their tipping point. Portland Police said the…


NJ trying to be like Florida? Say it ain’t so

June 17, 2015

Florida has more than its fair share of crazy people. Maybe its the sunny southern climes. Maybe its the fun, bikinis and South Beach. Maybe its the ease of access to decent citrus. Whatever it is, you usually know that any headline that starts with “Florida Man…” or “Florida Woman….” is going to end with some variation of “did something crazy”. And we, the folks who don’t live in Florida…


While I agree…I’m also honest to a fault

Justice. or, That bitch ain't blind and shes got a damn sword.
June 10, 2015

While I agree that the punishment is both insane and archaic, and though we all…as outsiders…have every right to be appalled by it, as I have said before, its not like this is a NEW law or NEW punishment. A Saudi court has upheld a harsh sentence against a blogger for insulting Islam, drawing international condemnation and sparking a campaign on Twitter to draw attention to the case. Raif Badawi…


Brothel + Lamb = WTF?

June 4, 2015

I’ll just leave this here for you. Draw your own conclusions. BERLIN (Reuters) – German police detained a 25-year-old prostitute for keeping a three-week-old lamb named Birke as a pet in a Munich brothel, police said in a statement. The woman was also briefly detained for drug possession – she and her lamb were discovered during a narcotics raid. Prostitution itself is legal in Germany. Keeping a lamb in a…


Casey Anthony in Playboy?

July 8, 2011

Rumors abound that Casey Anthony might pose in Playboy. I dearly hope those rumors are just that…rumors. Hate me if you want…but if it comes true, and she does pose in Playboy…I sincerely believe that any man that buys that issue, looks at that issue, owns that issue or even touches that issue should get a swift kick to the crotch from a pair of steel-toed Doc Martens worn by…