Wow…you’re gorgeous.

If you’ve ever been single, you know how hard finding new love can be. If you’ve ever tried dating online, you know how much harder that can be. But fear not, you poor wretched soul. Know that the Internet Gods have convened, and in your honor created! What’s that? On a scale of one to ten, you’re at best a seven? And that’s after a shower, a hair-cut and…

November 5, 2009

“She stood in the doorway with a smile like an atom bomb. My knees literally buckled.”

I think the following, written by Denis Leary, describes what we ALL want. Male or female. The first time I saw the gorgeous girl who is now my wife, I can honestly claim it for what it was: a soul-shattering experience. I was then as I am now, a tall, thin, wisecracking, sarcastic Irish-American man with a moppy head of blond hair and a vague idea of what love is…

October 29, 2008