Casey Anthony in Playboy?

Casey Anthony has been booked into the Orange ...
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Rumors abound that Casey Anthony might pose in Playboy.

I dearly hope those rumors are just that…rumors.

Hate me if you want…but if it comes true, and she does pose in Playboy…I sincerely believe that any man that buys that issue, looks at that issue, owns that issue or even touches that issue should get a swift kick to the crotch from a pair of steel-toed Doc Martens worn by a lumberjack on steroids.

The only exception being anyone who has a subscription and tosses that issue in the trash unopened.

Those people should just get a wet slap across the back of the neck.

WTFs Next
Sometimes you stand there and think, “WTF’s Next?” while looking at a situation or something on the news. And you’re left to point, fret, wonder and mull it over alone.

I instead choose to write all that crap down HERE and get it off my chest.

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  1. I would love to see Casey in Playboy or Husler. Why not? I would have sent her ass to prison for the rest of her life. But, the dumb ass jury let her go. So, now I would just settle for looking at her ass in one of the skin mags.

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