WTF of The Week: Citibank v. Debrahlee Lorenzana

Time for an all-new weekly segment here at WTFs Next. We are going to affectionately refer to it as the WTF of the Week. Don’t you just love how I act like theres actually folks READING this blog and that its not just an exercise in me running my mouth?


So let me get this straight….

We have been trying for centuries as a culture to prove that not only are women just as capable as men in the workplace, but that a woman should never be judged by her looks.

And along comes Debrahlee Lorenzana…single mother, Hispanic, dedicated, driven, a hard worker, intelligent, and gorgeous to boot. A fucking trifecta!!! This is the kind of woman, from all outward appearances, that should be made a poster child for all that is possible in the world. A woman….a MINORITY woman, who can be a single mother and succeed in the business world, all while being everything society says she cannot be while being successful… beautiful and fashionable.

Lets face it, if you see a woman like Ms Lorenzana, and you think everything BUT banker. Seriously. And thats precisely whats wrong with our society.

But thats what she was.

Emphasis on the WAS.

She worked for a Citibank branch in Midtown Manhattan. She had worked her way up, doing financial work in numerous other companies before landing at Citibank, often while dealing with more than a little harassment from male co-workers…

In April 2003, the Municipal Credit Union named her its sales rep of the month. On the other hand, she says, a manager once called her into his office to ask her opinion of a photograph. The picture he called up on his computer was of his penis.

Really dude? Fuckers like this give the rest of men a bad name. Here’s a tip for every man out there…if a woman wants to see your junk…she’ll tell you.

Anyway, she finally lands a job at Citibank, in late 2008 in the midst of the financial crisis…earning $70k as a business banker. Say what you like about folks getting hired for their looks, but there’s no way you can tell me she got a job in the midst of THAT money clusterfuck without being qualified.

And then, of course, shit went, as it is known to do, downhill.


WTF? Seriously. First of all, this is 2011. Twenty-Eleven. Its not 1937. There is no excuse anymore for a man to sexually harass a woman in the workplace. Sensitivity training my ass. If you are working in America, you know that shit doesn’t fly. Between the news stories, the talk shows, the movies of the week, and damn near everything that is on the Lifetime Movie Network no man, woman or child has an excuse for not knowing what IS and IS NOT proper work place behavior.

If this was 20 years ago, you could play that ignorance excuse, but once Anita Hill told Congress about the pubic hair on the Coke can, that went right out the window.

Citibank….I and every sensible member of my gender implore you: Fix this. Don’t just throw money and apologize and sweep it under the rug.

This is your fucking chance to make a difference and make yourselves look good in the process.

You can take a young, intelligent, attractive, driven, minority single-mother, and hold her up as a beacon for what your company holds dear.

Number one, its the right thing to do. (Your people did, after all, fuck things up. And it is your job to fix that.)

Number two, it makes business sense. (beautiful, Hispanic, single-mom who is an intelligent banker with a nose for business? Thats not the latest drama on Fox, its the ideal that is slipping through your fingers that could have people of all races wanting to do business with you!)

But…until you fix your shit Citibank…you’re my WTF Of The Week.

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