Guy in Delaware gets racist flag stolen…trolls mad


GLASGOW, DE – New Castle County police are investigating the theft of a Confederate battle flag from outside a Glasgow home, where the words “[expletive] u racist” were found spray-painted on a boat at the property Wednesday. The case comes amid a turbulent national debate about the use of Confederate imagery and racial tension in the wake of the deadly South Carolina church shooting.

-source Delaware Online

Now, lets start this off by saying that this is a case of theft and vandalism. Ok, ok….the guy is either a racist or an idiot who doesn’t know history, but, still, that flag was HIS property and it should not have been stolen. And defacing his boat, was plain wrong.

Homeowner Barry Binkley Jr. said he flew the rebel flag at his Frazer Road property for more than 15 years and never heard any complaints. He said he isn’t racist and displayed the flag because it is a symbol that ties him to friends and family in the South, including cousins in North Carolina.

OK….I guess that means he’s ignorant of actual history. Or lying. Whatever. Thats his business.

What makes this story FUN, for people like me, is that the trolls come out to play. It amazes me how the internet age has given people the freedom to go out and say shit they would never have the balls to say in public. (Full disclosure: EVERYTHING I say on this site is shit I would say in public. That’s why this site exists….my friends and family are tired of hearing my rants.)

Go to any local news site or YouTube video and you will quickly be able to see the average intelligence of the commenters devolve into a big old puddle of stupid.

This story is no different.

It starts off simple enough, one person trots out the same tired old arguments for why the flag itself doesn’t mean anything that anyone claims it means.


Noel threw in a bit of the tried and true, “Gub’ment tryin to take our shit!” argument as well.

Then one guy misspeaks….heres a tip kiddies: don’t ever misspeak in a comments section.


He was generalizing….anyone can see that…well…not ANYONE.


OK…thats not so bad, she just called him on his inaccuracies. And, he responds back in a wise way….he explains himself, and then gives historical evidence to back his words.


Here’s another tip folks: If you’re going to claim facts, cite sources, so people can go find out for themselves. “De” here mentions an actual thing that you can actually go read and check his facts.


You cited a source, sir! This cannot go unchallenged! For now the TROLLS must come forth! And make statements that almost sound like facts in such a way as to have no one challenge whether they are true! Fred here is a baby Troll, inexperienced in the ways of Trolldom.


Ahh good for you Fred, you stated your case (bad spelling and all)…problem is, it’s bullshit.

First: By 1804, decades before the Civil War, all states in the “North” had laws either forbidding slavery, or pursuing its eventual dissolution. Even still, if you look at the first US Census, before these laws were in effect, you’ll find that less than 24% of the slaves were in “Northern” states. By 1820 this had dropped to 17%. By 1860, a year before the war, 89% of the slaves were in SOUTHERN states. Sorry Mr “Do Your Research”.

Second: You’re only kind of sort of right on the slave trade thing. The largest slave port in the US was in Charleston….which is in the “South”. BUT, some slaves were also brought in via Rhode Island, Philadelphia and other points North. So, your “North supplied the slaves” argument is shaky, because you’re over generalizing in an attempt to fudge the facts, but, we’ll let that go.

Third: Don’t tell someone to go educate themselves if you can’t spell. It makes you look like a bigger moron than your false “facts” do. Just saying.

Then Frank came along and made us forget Fred.


Well…that escalated quickly. But, there always has to be ONE in the crowd no? And 11 others who apparently agree with him.


Whu-whu-WHAT? Hey, I’m as upset by people burning the US flag as any veteran….but how are these possibly the same? And where did you get this idea? Where are your stats? Fox News strikes again, I guess.


Oh….the Baby Trolls must have sent a message to home base for backup, because, look here! An experienced Troll showed up! A person who not only thinks that blacks should get over racism, but also somehow be satisfied about it. Bravo, Prince Troll, bravo. Any second now, someone will blame the Communists. Or abortion. Or better yet: OBAMA!


I’m not even going to comment. I’ll just leave that there for you to ponder. “How is this not a hate crime?”. Seriously. And she said that shit out loud.

Then a friend of Frank’s showed up, apparently. And 6 of HIS friends.


Again, lets not debate a flag. Let’s shoot people. Preferably people who don’t like our flag (Translation: black people).


Frank’s back! Welcome back Frank. You know he wanted to say “Obama” right there. You just know it.


Ahhhh another appeal for people to “get over” racism. It’s cute. It really is. Ever notice it’s always white people saying “get over” racism? Now THAT is irony.


Thats so stupid it can only be answered with this:


But oh no….he isn’t done.


SUCCESS! Someone blamed Obama! Racism and the flag of racism are the fault of the black president!

Ok ok ok…

He said, “The President”. He didn’t actually say, “Obama”. For all we know he could be blaming Calvin Coolidge. We’ll keep going….


It’s a shame how a decent education is “diss spearing” too, William. A damn shame. A crying fucking shame. Because you apparently don’t even realize the flag was used by racists BEFORE the killings a few weeks ago. What are you even doing here, William? Are you even allowed out?


Polly made a funny. Thats DAMN funny.


This kind of stupid, this kid right here, is spreading like a disease. Again, it was wrong for someone to steal from this man and vandalize his property…but if you fly the flag of racism, you can’t claim it hurts to be called “racist”. Love it all you want. Go ahead. Fly it on your cars and homes and wear it on your t-shirts to your NASCAR races. But, taking down the flag is hurtful? Jesus, woman. Get a grip.


Wow, Dinah….when I say what you just said, I’m told to get over it. Be careful, darlin’, they might call you a “liberal” or worse…..

Damn. No Obama crack in this one. Just, Matt, who we all KNOW meant Obama, but, didn’t say it.

C’Mon trolls… you KNOW everything is Obama’s fault!

Say it.

Maybe it’s because I’m looking in a Delaware news source, they don’t call it “slower lower” for no reason.

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