Homework? Sex-toy selfies for extra credit

Improvements in education in the digital age continue.

I guess.

Teacher’s reported sex-toy homework investigated

The whole flap may have started out as an ill-advised joke, but the Alameda Unified School District is investigating reports that an Encinal High School teacher asked students to find their parents’ sex toys and text him selfies with them for extra credit.

The investigation was launched after a worker at an after-school program heard about the supposed X-rated assignment. Students could boost their grades, according to two mothers, if they rifled through their parents’ drawers in search of condoms, as well dildos and other sex toys, then took pictures of what they found.

Parents Evangeline Garcia and Kimberly Cobene said they were alarmed when they heard reports that their daughters’ 10th-grade geometry teacher, Wing-Wah Leung, assigned the extra credit. Students, meanwhile, say the popular teacher was just joking.

Garcia said she heard about the situation on May 1 when she got a call from Encinal Assistant Principal Kevin Gorham. Her daughter hadn’t told her what happened — she instead confided in a staff member at the nearby after-school program Girls Inc., who went straight to school officials, Garcia said.

-source SF Gate

This teacher will probably get fired for this idiotic and asinine assignment.

Could be worse I guess….

At least he didn’t try to take his students to a sex toy store, right?

Then again, if he had done that, he’d be labelled a modern educator and probably keep his job.

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