With Political friends like this who needs enemies?

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In the end, it’s not relevant who holds what title in the McCain operation, because it is not being run by campaign professionals, but by the Washington lobbying class.

John McCain is saying one thing on the stump, his running mate another. But the worst sin is that his advertising campaign is incoherent and putting out multiple and inconsistent messages.

With one debate remaining and less than three weeks of campaigning left, John McCain’s 10-year quest to be president is coming to a close and — as of today — a dreadful one.


Now lets keep in mind that the guy who wrote all of this? Ed Rollins? He is a REPUBLICAN strategist, who was political director for President Reagan and was national chairman of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s 2008 presidential campaign……


WTFs Next
Sometimes you stand there and think, “WTF’s Next?” while looking at a situation or something on the news. And you’re left to point, fret, wonder and mull it over alone.

I instead choose to write all that crap down HERE and get it off my chest.

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