Wow…you’re gorgeous.

If you’ve ever been single, you know how hard finding new love can be.

If you’ve ever tried dating online, you know how much harder that can be.

But fear not, you poor wretched soul. Know that the Internet Gods have convened, and in your honor created!

What’s that? On a scale of one to ten, you’re at best a seven? And that’s after a shower, a hair-cut and loads of money spent on new clothing?

Sorry you ugly bastard, Beautiful People is not for you, nor any of your merely pretty friends. To become a member of THIS site, “applicants are required to be voted in by existing members of the opposite sex”. And lets face it, most of us wouldn’t pass muster.

And you thought eHarmony was strict.

WTF is next? Amish Dating Online? Oh wait…. we already have that. (Answer me this…if the Amish don’t use modern conveniences, how in hell do they get online to USE Amish Dating Online?)

I have no issue with people only wanting to date people they think are beautiful…I mean, that makes perfect sense. Lets face it, the person you love is beautiful.

To you.

It doesn’t matter if they are beautiful to anyone else. They are beautiful to you.

What comes across kind of creepy to me about this site though, is that its not YOU determining if you are beautiful, nor even your potential date. But EVERYONE ELSE on the site. So not only does a person have to worry about whether or not they are attractive enough for a stranger to want to date them, they have to worry about whether or not they are attractive enough for a bunch of other strangers who dont want to date them to even let the stranger that does want to date them have the chance.

Ok. That was convoluted.

Lets try this again.

This is like having 20 people you dont even know, who just randomly wandered in off the street decide whether or not you should even date the single person behind door number one. Now, keep in mind you haven’t even seen, heard or learned anything about the person behind door number one yet. You have to wait for the 20 strangers to say whether or not you should even get the chance!

Great business model…because you KNOW folks are going to sign up because they think they are beautiful.

But a real shitty reflection on the kind of society that we live in.

WTFs Next
Sometimes you stand there and think, “WTF’s Next?” while looking at a situation or something on the news. And you’re left to point, fret, wonder and mull it over alone.

I instead choose to write all that crap down HERE and get it off my chest.

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