Let’s not move one step forward until the vaginas show up.

The Health Care debate rages on in Washington, and the opinions on both sides of the aisle abound. Some say it will be the dawn of Socialism, we’ll all be standing in bread lines and shouting Marxist slogans, while the government shoots the old people. Some say it will be the dawn of Utopia, and flowers will rain from the sky, manna will fall from Heaven, and we’ll all ride to work on our own personal Unicorn.

Capitol Hill - Washington, DC
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And both of those sides are probably wrong.

But that debate is for another day. This week, President Obama convened a panel, inviting law makers from both sides of the aisle to a televised summit, a meeting of the minds if you will, in the hopes of coming to some sort of concession and get things moving. That’s got to be a good thing right?

Well, not if you ask some people.

Some people could be given a winning lottery ticket and complain about the taxes they’d have to pay on it. In other words, theyre never happy with anything. Give them an inch, they’ll ask about the yard. Or as Eddie Murphy used to say, give them a rope and they’ll wanna be a cowboy.

A friend of mine on FaceBook posted this little article, and for that I thank her, because I never would have seen this whiny piece of drivel without her.

Its seems some don’t think the summit should take place…unless the right numbers of the right people are there. 38 law makers were invited. And 4 of those attending were women. According to Ms Sive, this is a travesty, a mockery, a national shame nigh upon the level of the racism against blacks during the civil rights movement! (notice the title of the piece?) Get your torches! Get your pitchforks! March on Washington and give those fools what for!

Well…that is….unless you believe the health care crisis isn’t about JUST women. Unless you believe it affects….I don’t know….everybody. I mean, you’d think if it was just about women, they’d have called it the “Womens Health Care Crisis”. Having more than 10% of the attendees be from your special interest group just isn’t enough I guess.

Anyone with a thimble full of sense understands that this is not a “women’s issue”, its an “all of us issue”. Lets keep in mind, that up until this summit, the Congress wasn’t doing shit except standing around and shouting talking points at each other, and then going on the evening news shows and blaming the other side for nothing getting done. Meanwhile, women AND men AND children in this country don’t have access to health care that is even on the level of the lawmakers who are holding up the entire process.

But, dear reader, this is the Liberal Way. And this is why Liberal’s have a hard time getting anything done in Washington. Its not enough to see a problem and work to fix it. Nope. We have to work to fix it for the gays, the women, the animals, the environment FIRST. Lets make sure everybody is on board, especially if they are from a vocal that is disenfranchised.
The Conservative Way isn’t much better, they prefer to use scare tactics and hide behind lies to get things done. But, damn, at least they get things DONE.

So, lets hold off on this whole health care issue, until we’re sure we have enough vaginas in the room. Everyone knows that possession of a vagina makes you more able to do something about health care, right? Oh yeah…and lets make sure we have enough disabled…I mean, differently abled people in the room as well. I mean, due to their health issues, they should have a say. Oh! And gays! Are there enough gays in the room? They need a say in this too! How many blacks do we have? Asians? Hispanics? How about this, lets makes sure we have a representative sample from every ethnic group…that would be fair, right? I see a few Jews…but not enough…someone get on the phone and call a few more. Add in Hindus, Atheists, Muslims, oh yeah! And Mormons! We need some Mormons….hell, just bring in some of every religious belief. I mean, good health is part of faith, right? Body = Temple and all that. Cancer Survivors? AIDs patients? How many of those do we have? Ooooh not too many….shit. Go out and get some. Hell, while you’re at it, make sure you bring a representative of every group, creed and make up there is, we don’t want to leave anyone out. Grab a couple of kids too….no one cares what they say, but they’re so cute and look good on TV.

Wow….this room got kind of full. Ok…how about we all get together, and then pick a few of us to stay and speak for the rest? But how will we pick them…? We could have an election! That’s it! We could elect a few to speak for the rest, and that way, there would only be about 38 people in this room instead of a million!

And then we could….wait….isn’t this what we already DO?

WTFs Next
Sometimes you stand there and think, “WTF’s Next?” while looking at a situation or something on the news. And you’re left to point, fret, wonder and mull it over alone.

I instead choose to write all that crap down HERE and get it off my chest.

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  1. Often times you read a post and get nothing out of it. This was not the case here however as the post was very good.

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