Plagiarism article retracted because plagiarism.

Saw this on NPR….had to share…..

An Indian scientific journal has retracted a paper on plagiarism because — wait for it — sections of it were plagiarized.

In a notice, the Indian Journal of Dermatology said it was withdrawing a paper from 2014 titled “Development of a guideline to approach plagiarism in Indian scenario” by Thorakkal Shamim of the Department of Dentistry in Malappuram, in the southern state of Kerala, because sections of it were lifted from someone else’s dissertation. Here’s the notice:

“This article is being retracted as the manuscript has been found to be copied from the first round questionnaire of the dissertation entitled ‘Developing a comprehensive guideline for overcoming and preventing plagiarism at the international level based on expert opinion with the Delphi method’ by Dr. Mehdi Mokhtari.”

Retraction Watch, where we spotted this story, notes that the Indian Journal of Dermatology has in the past cracked down on plagiarism, banning at least three groups of authors.

Source: NPR

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