Qian Yunhui death proves China is wallowing in evil

United States politics. Chinese politics.

Oh how glaring the differences are.

I mean, think about it logically for a second…if something even kind of criminal happens here in America, the spin-doctors take to the airwaves, those around the periphery of anyone in question distance themselves for fear of being smeared with the same brush, people get fired (or choose to resign), apologies are made, and the public outrage is quelled.

Sure, in many cases its all lip service and nothing is done of any note, but at least the original issue is recognized as an issue. Sure, we aren’t perfect. But, I bet Qian Yunhui would prefer our system to the one he lived and died under.

Qian Yunhui died under the wheels of a truck in China, and amid widespread speculation of political wrongdoing, back room politics and outright totalitarianism, the officials calmly investigated everyone EXCEPT those being accused. And in their final conclusion, stated:

that Qian was a victim of a traffic accident, not a murder. Police assigned blame to the inexperienced trucker driving without a license, the severely overloaded vehicle with faulty brakes, the slippery road on a rainy day — and even Qian himself for not being careful when crossing the road. (CNN)

WTF’s next? Blame the tire manufacturer for not designing truck tires in such a way as they do not kill humans when driving over them?

For those of you not familiar with the story, let’s backtrack a bit.

Maps of Zhejiang Province of China
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Qian Yunhui was an elected village head in the eastern Zhejiang province. He was reportedly quite popular, and had a long history of petitioning against alleged abuses by local government. Most recently, Qian gained note for protesting a government sanctioned land grab that deprived farmers of their land for a pittance to allow the building of a new power plant. Qian led a protest demanding that the farmers be properly compensated for the land they had lost, and was arrested and jailed twice for his troubles. This past December 25th, while many of us celebrated Christmas with our families in honor of the birth of the Christian savior, Qian died after being brutally crushed by the front wheel of a commercial truck.

At least two witnesses at the scene said that Qian was held down by 4 uniformed and masked men while the truck was slowly and deliberately driven over his neck. Local Chinese news outlets say at least one witness was “detained” by police. Someone on the scene even took photos. (The photos are quite graphic in nature, I will not post them here. Go find them for yourself.)


Not questioned.

Not “statements were taken from”.


de·tain [dih-teyn]

–verb (used with object)

  1. to keep from proceeding; keep waiting; delay.
  2. to keep under restraint or in custody.

I always say pay attention to the words people use, because they always show the true meaning behind what is being said.

Police “detained” witnesses.

And then, after their DETENTION, the witnesses denied their own statements.

Contrary to earlier reports quoting them, they both denied seeing Qian’s brutal murder. “Several men told me if I said these things, they would help me treat my daughter’s illness,” Huang Diyan told CCTV.

These statements were made to CCTV, the state run news outlet.




Lets see….Qian spoke out against the government. Was well known and punished for speaking out against the government. He was killed, witnesses say, by official looking men.

The government says it was an accident.

The government all but says, “He should have looked both ways before crossing the street.”

The government DETAINED the witnesses.

The witnesses recanted on government television.

Hmmmm…well, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and shits duck shit?

I’m guessing it isn’t a fucking unicorn.

Boycott China.



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