Top 20 Hottest Foreign Actresses?

One of the blogs I follow, Pimsleur Approach, posted their list for the “Top 20 Hottest Foreign Actresses”….I tried to resist, really I did, but I couldn’t. I clicked the link, saw the list, and of course, like any Top Ten list began to disagree.


Here is their list:

  1. Emma Watson
  2. Katrina Kaif
  3. Gemma Arterton
  4. Keira Knightley
  5. Aishwarya Rai
  6. Nina Dobrev
  7. Emily Browning
  8. Ellen Page
  9. Eva Green
  10. Natalie Portman
  11. Kaya Scodelario
  12. Isla Fisher
  13. Kathryn Prescott
  14. Mia Wasikowska
  15. Chen Zi Han
  16. Penélope Cruz
  17. Amrita Rao
  18. Crystal Liu
  19. Freida Pinto
  20. Emily Blunt

Now, although I agree the women on this list are quite attractive, even if I dont know who at least 10 of them are, there seems to be loads of women who didnt even make this list…then again, the list seems skewed young as well.

I had forgotten Natalie Portman was Israeli, but if place of birth alone (regardless of where they now primarily call home) is something that gets a woman on this list, then what about…..

Milla Jovovich?

Anyone who even kind of sort of knows me, knows that IMHO this Russian born beauty should be in the NUMBER ONE SPOT. Sorry Emma Watson…you’re gorgeous, love the hair and all…but get out of Milla’s seat. Thanks for keeping it warm.

Famke Janssen?

Famke Jannsen could replace 4 or 5 of the women on the above list without breaking a sweat. Srsly.

Monica Bellucci?

Monica Bellucci. Say it with me, “Monica-fucking-Bellucci”. There you go. We’ve said all that needs to be said about why she should be on this list.

Salma Hayek?

Have you even SEEN the strip club scene in “From Dusk Til Dawn”? Have you? What other woman would make you think….”Hmmm…evil snake headed vampire stripper who wants to kill me? Yeah, I’d date her.”?????

Franka Potente?

Have you SEEN “The Bourne Identity”? “Anatomie”? “Run Lola Run”? If you answered “no” to any of these, you should stop reading right now and go watch them. Now. Really. Go.

Chalize Theron?

This South African born actress is definitely “hot” and shes also the first African to win an Oscar.

Thandie Newton?

“Mission Impossible 2”? “Crash”? “The Chronicles of Riddick”? The picture above? Need I say more?

Kate Winslet?

I hated “Titanic”. Hated it with a hot hot hate. The only thing I hate more than “Titanic” is Sidney Crosby. And still Kate Winslet deserves to be on this list. I’m just saying.

Audrey Tautou?

So hot, and so GOOD an actress she brings up mention of another famous foreign Audrey (who was hottness in her own right).

Zhang Ziyi?

Look, I dont normally go for Asian girls. Just being honest. But Zhang Ziyi could almost make a man change citizenship. Almost.

I could go on and on…believe me I could. And I havent even mentioned classic foreign big screen beauties like Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Lauren, Audrey Hepburn…good gravy that list alone could take days.

This is why I should never ever read Top 10 lists or Top 20 lists or Top 100 lists….

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