WTF o’ The Week: Beef Fat Face

WTF of the Week

I like the taste of beef as much as the next red-blooded American male. Give me a big slab of steak, cooked “normal” (thats medium-rare for you folks who think there is more than one temp to cook meat to), and I’m in heaven.

But, if I kissed my lady on the cheek and came away with the taint of rendered beef fat on my lips?

I’d probably projectile vomit.

Woman dies after injecting hot beef fat into her face

A Homewood woman died Thursday shortly after injecting heated beef fat into her face, but the injection did not cause her death, authorities said.

An autopsy Friday determined that 63-year-old Janet Hardt died of peritonitis, a severe abdominal inflammation caused by a bacterial infection, according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Infections in her face from the injections did not lead to her death, which was ruled natural, officials with the medical examiner’s office said.

Family members told authorities Hardt had undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries to her face and neck. A short time before she died, she injected the heated beef fat into her face around her mouth and chin. Authorities said she apparently performed the procedure on several occasions in an attempt to simulate Botox, which reduces wrinkling.

Hardt had infections in her mouth and lip as well as scarring from the injections, sources said.

On Thursday, Hardt went to the hospital after complaining that her face felt like it was burning, sources said.

(Source: Chicago Sun Times)


Let me say that again….

What The F?

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Now, admittedly…I’m no doctor…but I’m thinking that showing up at the hospital with hot beef fat infections in your face and mouth and then dying of an infection in your stomach IS related. Its HAS to be. Because, and once again, I don’t have a medical degree, but last time I checked…your face, and that hole in it called a mouth, have a direct, almost always open and free / clear passage to your stomach. So, chances are, if you’re injecting HOT BEEF FAT into your face…and it infects your mouth…that infection is a quick hop skip and a jump away from….? Your stomach.

But, I digress….the more important thing here is…

This woman was INJECTING hot beef fat into her face.

Injecting. Hot. Beef. Fat. Into. Her. Face.

How, in the name of sanity, do you even come up with an idea like this?

She thought it was similar to Botox? (How idiotic Botox is can fill a post all of its own…my next post will be ‘What The F Happened to Carrie Fishers FACE?’)

Botox is derived from Botulinum which causes Botulism….and that comes from TAINTED meat. Tainted meat that can paralyze or even, in some cases KILL you. So, Botox on its own is a bit risky.

Making homemade Botox? Riskier still.

Cutting out the middle man, rendering down some beef and then injecting the hot beef fat into your face? Numerous times?

That’s just plain fucking stupid.

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