New York City to the Rescue!


When NYC waged a war on smoking, no one cared. Because, lets be honest, the public persona of smoking and smokers in general is one of filth, disgust and unhealthiness. The fact that smokers are adults who can make their own decisions was never taken into account. And in a climate where simply being a smoker makes one a pariah, what smoker is going to stand up and fight for their rights? Isn’t it bad enough smokers are relegated to huddling in a darkened corner just to get their fix? And what politician is going to stand-up and say, “I defend the rights of these people, whether I believe in them or not.” or, as my mom would say, “These are grown ass people, let them make their own decisions.”?? Yeah. Not likely you’ll get a lot of support there.

So NYC banned smoking, and many cities, states and municipalities followed suit. (Some actually did it first, but, NYC overshadows all. In everything. face it.)

Then NYC and Mayor Bloomberg set their sites on obesity and trans fats. Once again, who would object? The obese and overweight among us are just as shunned as smokers, if not more so. The diet and exercise industry, hell-bent on proving to you exactly what a weak willed tub of lard you actually are, makes millions upon millions every year. The media consistently puts forth this idea that we’ve created an unhealthy ideal for women (for men too, but we don’t talk about it), and then proves its own hypocrisy by fawning over every skinny starlet in a shiny black dress on the red carpet. The check out lines or your local supermarket are weighed down (no pun intended) by magazine covers showing how “Actress X lost 4,000 pounds in a week and a half on the water and breath mint diet…and YOU can too!”. In a world like this, an overweight adult standing up and saying, “Ummmm hello? I’m an adult…whouldnt I decide what I can and cannot eat? Even at the detriment of my own health?”

NY said no. Nope. That’s OUR job.

Today, NYC and the Bloomberg Administration announced the latest in their plan to tell grown folks how to live…now they want to tell others how much salt can be in their food.

Admittedly, smoking causes cancer, trans-fats lead to heart issues, obesity leads to a myriad of health problems and salt? Salt leads to high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.

But at what point does that cease being YOUR problem as the person shoveling food into that tooth-filled hole in your head, and become the problem of the Government? I mean really? Some folks say many cities and states are becoming “nanny-states”. I see it as even worse than that. Because eventually somebody will come along and tell the nanny if she’s treating the kids right or wrong.

In this case, the nanny doesn’t care.

Citing Hazard, New York Says Hold the Salt

(official NYC Press release can be found here)

Hazard? Really?

More so than the air New Yorkers breathe from all the auto fumes on its streets? More so than whatever that is that creates and oily sheen on the surface of the river? More so than crime? Unemployment? The high cost of even living in the city?

You set out to choose an evil to combat and the best you can come up with is SALT?

And people wonder why I walk around with an angry look on my face.


How about telling people instead, “Hey, you’re adults. If you screw up your lives, your bodies, your health…its on YOU.”???

WTF is Next?

WTFs Next
Sometimes you stand there and think, “WTF’s Next?” while looking at a situation or something on the news. And you’re left to point, fret, wonder and mull it over alone.

I instead choose to write all that crap down HERE and get it off my chest.

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