WTF of The Week: It’s not theft if I don’t believe in your laws

There are black people in America who claim that they are indigenous aboriginal people, descended from Moors who were here before European settlers and therefore immune to local and federal US laws. And they claim to be Moabite.

Read that again, because I am not making this shit up.

Let me break it down for you….lets follow the trail that leads to “belief” here.

They are Moabites (i.e. from Moab, which is now part of Jordan), and Moors (i.e. Moroccan), and their ancestors were here BEFORE European settlers and those we call Native Americans.

So….somehow, thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago, before Native American ancestors crossed the land bridge that the Bering Strait once was, to populate what we now call the Americas, some Moors (before they were called Moors) and some Moabites (before there was a place called Moab), who somehow hung out together in a time when they would have lived so far apart as to make that inconceiveable, travelled here from Nothern Africa and the Middle East (before there was technology that would allow travel of that type), and created a tribe of people that now have become members of something called “The Moorish Science Temple” and the Moorish American National Republic.

Let me say, yet again, I am NOT making this shit up. They even have a website.

Now…if that wasn’t enough of a work to grasp, they say they are not beholden to our laws.

Because they are a sovereign native people.

I can see your face. You think this is all a joke. You think I’m trying to pull a fast one on you.


Just this week, in a real live court, in Philadelphia, 3 defendents fought a court eviction order on just the grounds I mention above. One of the defendants, Rebecca Lyn Harmon

….also known as Rhashea Lynn Harmon…

….also known as R. Lynn Hatshepsut Ma’atKare El…

…is also apparently a candidate for MAYOR OF PHILADELPHIA.

She and the other 3 defendants say that not only do they not owe the over $15k that the landlord claims, but, in actuality, based on their indigenous and sovereign status, they also own the entire building the apartment is housed in.

Oh yeah…and the City doesn’t have the right to evict them.

Meanwhile, shes running for mayor of the city built on land that actually belongs to her ancestors.

It would all be laughable, if it wasn’t apparent that these people actually BELIEVE this bullshit.

The Moorish Science Temple was created over 100 years ago, and started right here in New Jersey (sorry). It started with the belief that:

African Americans had descended from the Moors and thus were originally Islamic. And all Moors descended from the ancient Moabites (belonging to Northwest Africa as opposed to Moab as the name suggests)


I tried to read more about their history on their website, but, to be honest, its a tough read. One tidbit I did catch however, was, their belief that they were

Incorporated to conduct business and more explicitly, bring about the nationalization of all lands and finance compensation and reparations that are due under the ownership of the Moorish-American Nation, making the United States Government responsible for its operation.

Make no mistake….we’re not talking “40 acres and a mule” slavery reparations here. We’re talking “we owned this shit first, and ya’ll owe back payments on all of it”.

I will keep digging on the subject, and get back to you with more tidbits, but, for now, know that these people exist.

And they are breeding.

WTFs Next?

WTFs Next
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