Stupid criminals are damn funny.

Sheriff’s office says break-in suspect left wallet behind

A Lincoln County break-in suspect was startled by a homeowner in a wheelchair Monday, dropped his wallet as he ran from the property and was later arrested, sheriff’s investigators said.

Joshua Ray Murphy, 25, of High Shoals, was charged with two felony counts of breaking and entering a building and one felony count each of larceny after breaking and entering, and possession of stolen goods. He was jailed on $30,000 bail.

source: target=”_blank”>Charlotte Observer

This is not as far fetched as you might think.

Back in the 90’s I was the manager of a local video store here in South Jersey. I get a call, late at night, from the store owner, telling me to get down to the store because there was an attempted break in (the alarm company and the local PD had called him). I get there at zero dark thirty, to find the place crawling with cops, but, all the merch and the store are safe. Seems the perp never made it inside the store.

“I hope we catch the guy who did this,” I say to one of the officers.

“Oh, we will,” he says to me, “We’ve already got a car stationed down the block from his house.”

No shit.

Turns out, this brain surgeon decided he would break in via our back fire / delivery door….stupid move on its own, since it was the heaviest most reinforced door in the place…

So he strolled up after dark, popped open the phone box and used a pair of wire cutters to cut the phone lines.

He thought this would disable the alarm. It didn’t. It set the alarm OFF.

Anyway, his wire cutters must have been in his back pocket, because, to retrieve them, he took his wallet out and set it on top of the phone box.

Which is exactly where the cops found it.

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