WTF o’ The Week: Doesn’t anyone go on Craigslist looking for furniture anymore?

Back in college we used to draw these little cartoons, my buddy Migs and I. He would do strips of one-sheets of a group called “The Sluts”, and it was essentially caricatures of us and our group of friends, and I did this little strip called “Pierre Le Monstre”, which were traditional 3-4 panel strips featuring this hair metal reject who constantly said things that I thought either funny or irreverent. Or both.

Now, keep in mind, whats funny and irreverent at 19 isn’t as much when you age…but you get the picture.

In one strip, Pierre, who bore a striking resemblance to Stephen Pearcy of Ratt with Eddie of Iron Maiden’s smile, looks directly out of the panel at the viewer and says, “I call out of work today. Told them I was sick.”

In panel two, grinning wider, he says, “My boss asked, ‘How sick are you?’ ….”

And the punchline, in panel three, laughing his ass off, Pierre says, “Well…last night I fucked a dog. How sick is that?”

Stupid I admit.

But when I was a 19 year old drug and booze addled college student? Funny as all hell.

But still…it was a JOKE. As stupid as I was, as drunk as I got, as many green flecked brownies as I munched on back in those days, I never once thought it would be ok to actually fuck a dog.

Because, I had, as my mother calls it, “sense”.

The sense to come in out of the rain.

The sense not to play in traffic.

The sense that fucking dogs is not only cruel, not only disgusting, but just plain WRONG.

So how is it that Keith D Kiefer (at 47) and Patrick Trejo (25) don’t have that good sense?

What exactly got into their Lucky Charms as children that would cause them to go down THIS road?


Teacher Accused In Craigslist Bestiality Case

PHOENIX — Maricopa County authorities said Friday that two men have been charged in a bestiality case.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested 47-year-old Keith D. Kiefer of Mesa and 25-year-old Patrick Stephen Trejo of Phoenix. The men allegedly used the Internet to connect with dog owners who offered their dogs for sex acts.

The two suspects didn’t know each other, but each had arranged to meet at a hotel Thursday night with a dog owner and a dog, Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Friday. They were arrested before any sex act could occur.

Kiefer and Trejo were released on bond Friday. Both men have been ordered to wear an electronic monitor and can’t have contact with animals.

Trejo has been put on administrative leave at a west Phoenix grade school where he teaches music. Kiefer is an unemployed handyman.


Seriously people.




Doesn’t anyone go on Craigslist looking for furniture anymore?

What is going on in our society where someone pimps out their DOG on Craigslist, and thinks its ok? I mean, taking a look at your dog and thinking, “Hmmm Rover could earn the family some extra cash!” and then starting one of those “chase the Canadian geese off my property” services makes all sorts of sense.

Making Rover a street corner whore? How does that even make the list of options? What is WRONG with these people?

What kind of person actually sees that ad and thinks, “Oh yeah….Daddy’s gonna have a party tonight!”?

Are there really people out there trolling Craigslist for sex…with ANIMALS? And I don’t mean the two legged “smack my ass and call me George while pouring Mrs Butterworths on my feet” animals…I mean like these two mental defectives?

I hope they go to jail.

And I hope their cellmate dresses them in a puppy suit and says, “You know…I have a thing for dogs TOO.”

And Trejo is a fucking school teacher! A grade school music teacher! This sick and twisted idiot is in a position to shape and mold young minds…he should be run out of town on a rail. He’s been placed on “administrative leave”?? “Administrative leave”? If you cant even out and out FIRE a teacher who gets caught dog fucking, then I’ll have to agree with many others in the US and say teachers unions have gone too fucking far and need to be abolished.

What the fucks next?


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