He’s fine, but he had a crappy day

“Physically, he’s fine but he had a crappy day”

That’s an actual QUOTE from a rep for the Portland, OR police department.

Thats just AWESOME.

Smelly justice: Alleged masturbator trapped in overturned porta-potty

PORTLAND, Ore., June 5 (UPI) — Police in Oregon said a homeless man allegedly masturbating in a portable toilet with the door open had to be rescued after witnesses reached their tipping point.

Portland Police said the 48-year-old man was freed from the overturned portable toilet Thursday morning at the Eastbank Esplanade after witnesses said they became fed up with the man opening the door and flashing his genitals while pleasuring himself inside the toilet.

“[He] was flashing us over and over again and we asked him multiple times and told him to stop and he wouldn’t,” a witness told KATU-TV. “Our friend thought it would be funny to get up and jump behind the porta-potty and kick it.”

Police said the man, who was trapped when the commode tipped over door-side down, was covered in feces after his rescue.

They said the man was not arrested or cited.

“Physically, he’s fine but he had a crappy day,” said Willie Halliburton of the Portland Police. “Fortunately for him, he had some clothing he could change into and clean himself up later on. It worked out okay.”

Police said they recommend witnesses to similar incidents call 911 rather than taking justice into their own hands.

-source UPI

WTFs Next
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I instead choose to write all that crap down HERE and get it off my chest.

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